Creativity with Clarity for the Process

Creativity with Clarity for the Process

clarity_35Over the years the amount of noise with the advancement of technology, and the hustle and bustle, and need to constantly be learning, adapting, and changing have caused stutters and starts to my creative process. It has caused havoc to the point of being blocked with focus and progress. First I’m here and then I’m there and what is it I need to focus on first? Causing frustration, aggravation, and full stop.

In the creative process there needs to be some silence. Silence from the outside world, unplugging from distractions in order to gain clarity and open up doors to the imagination. Carving out my time.

This has been a difficult process, but it is possible to attain. Drawing inward, writing down the goals, understanding the time and place for the phone, the social media, the news, all the outside forces must be harnessed and controlled.

As I sat and began to write this, the phone rang. I looked at the phone, but then reminded of my focused purpose, I ignored it, feeling guilty, but still, in my determination, I ignored it, so that I could proceed with what I have identified are priorities, and maintaining my vision with purpose.

I’m relearning how to carve out time. For slotting what is necessary for me to accomplish throughout the day. What is important, what is needful, and being mindful of time simply for me to refill the well.

determination_50This is not something that comes easily. It requires some sacrifices, some relearning of habits newly developed. Of tuning out, of tuning in, of fine tuning the dial. This is clarity. Clarifying the important things. Carving out time to focus.

Writing this all out on paper, not the computer helps brand that clarity; keeping a written journal, not a computer journal, helps me to visualize more concretely my journey and tasks and desires along the creative road. Walking away from the computer periodically helps to clear my mind, refocus, reenergize in order to return with a fresher alertness.

So, here I am with determination to maintain clarity and purpose on what I wish to achieve.

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