Mariposa Soul – an excerpt

Andre spends his time globetrotting around the world and flitting from bed to bed, never tempted to stay in any of them.  Always searching for that soul his would recognize as the one he couldn’t live without.  A chance encounter teaches him something about himself he would never have expected.



He turned a corner, heard the echo of a lonely siren in the distance, felt the moisture of late night rain cling to his face.

He should take that assignment his editor offered him today. It would send him far away from the temptation for a good year. Then maybe the aching need would finally dissipate and he would remember how good it felt to ease his body inside a woman’s soft caress.

Who was he trying to kid? Those days had been destroyed forever. He shoved a hand into the pocket of his coat. His fingers encountered the sharp edges of a business card and a wave of longing sliced through him. He didn’t have to pull it out to know whose card it was. He had it memorized, the name seared into his brain.

            You have a butterfly’s soul, Andre, beautiful and fragile. I await the day you set it free to live the way it is meant to live. Come to me when you are ready.

             He’d fought it for so long, trying to lose himself within other warm bodies, in other arms, through other lips. He’d tried so damned hard to surround himself with the scent of women, to make him forget.

But they had all paled, and were all forgotten because he could only remember one set of arms, one mouth that consumed and pulled at his soul, eyes that stroked him to life and filled the loneliness of his soul, like nothing had ever done before.

His response had scared him, yet excited him. He’d wanted to give in to the feelings, and although they’d felt right at the time, he’d shied from acknowledging what they meant about him.

He stopped walking and looked up at the street sign and sighed. Pulling deeply on the cigarette, he tossed it down and ground it with the heel of his shoe. It was as though it was inevitable his footsteps should have carried him to this particular street corner. He’d fought the feelings for so long and was tired of the struggle. The confusion inside him swirled around him, ever present no matter where he went or whom he was with.

But suddenly, as he looked up at the street sign, his hand closed over the card in his pocket. Mariposa Street. Was it a sign that he should accept the message of the soul he’d tried to forget? In Spanish, mariposa meant butterfly.

Was he finally ready to accept the nature of his needs to feel complete? He turned toward the street, saw a taxi, and hailed it. He felt the flutter of trapped wings beating inside his soul. Was he ready to fly? He knew he feared leaving the safe, familiar boundaries of his cocoon.

The taxi pulled up, he opened the door, and stepped inside.

“Where to?” the older gentleman asked him.

Again, his fingers encountered the card in his pocket, like a talisman. He didn’t need to take it out to provide the driver with the address.

“Twenty-one Morgan Street—to the Morgantown Apartments.”

The driver nodded, pulled away from the curb, and Andre settled back in the seat, his heart pounding—was it excitement or fear?


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An Excerpt from Heart and Soul

Laughtry and Mary share more than hot, adventurous sex. They’re bounty hunters–business partners, who may have met by accident, but more likely were linked through destiny. Lovers of the same magnetic man–at different times–they are now bound to each other. Half Cherokee, Ray Blackhawk remains a shadow that hovers over both of them, or maybe between them. A man whose mark they both carry and whose memory still burns hot as the Oklahoma sun. A lover who disappeared from their lives like a ghostly mist at sunrise, leaving them both with heartache, questions, and no closure.

Now it’s time to resolve the past. A motorcycle journey takes Laughtry and Mary from Tulsa to Freedom to confront Blackhawk and discover what changes time has wrought and whether love and memory can withstand the ravages of remembered passion. Or will the journey’s end tear Laughtry and Mary apart? Will Blackhawk remember and choose one of them over the other? And can they accept what fate has planned? What will happen when the three of them finally confront each other for the first time? Together.

Heartand Soul_banner


“Can I help you folks?”

“We’re looking for Ray Blackhawk. I understand he’s here. Can you tell me where we can find him?”

The cowboy’s lips tightened as he looked Laughtry up and down. Mary couldn’t see his expression because his hat shadowed the upper portion of his face. But his stance told her he was wary of the new arrivals and she had a feeling they weren’t going to get much information from him.

“Who’s asking?”

Mary could feel Laughtry tense. It was a testosterone pissing contest as the two men eyed each other. Well, shit. She stepped in front of Laughtry, hands on hips.

“Look, mister, we’ve driven a long way to see an old friend. And we’re pretty hot and tired. Let’s quit tap dancing here and just tell us if he’s here or not.”

The man tipped his hat back and turned his attention to Mary. Interesting face. Weathered and tanned, deep lines etched into his features. She couldn’t quite figure his age from this distance. His gaze slid over her body. Another woman might have been embarrassed, but Mary was used to rude men trying to put her in her place. It never had gotten them very far.

She straightened her shoulders, lifted her chin, and glared right back at him, not giving an inch. Her gaze slid over his body, hopefully with a touch of insolence in the look. Right back at you, cowboy. Not bad if she was actually in the market for his type. She stepped toward him.

“It’s okay, Johnny. I think I know them. They aren’t strangers.”

Mary whirled around at the softly spoken words. It was a voice she heard in her dreams, it hadn’t changed over the years. It was just as powerful as it had always been. Maybe more so after such a lengthy lapse of time. Deep and raspy, like tequila going down hot, blindsiding you if you weren’t paying attention.

“Ray Blackhawk.” Her focus turned on him, drinking in the effects time had rendered on the hard, lean body, the long ebony black hair, the deep sable brown of his eyes. He wore faded jeans, brown scuffed boots, and a loose-fitting cream-colored shirt. The ties crisscrossed over his chest, showing a generous amount of bronzed flesh. Skin she suddenly remembered the taste of very well. Her gaze rose higher, fastening onto his mouth. There was a slight curl to his sensuous lips as he studied the pair. The air stilled and immediately she felt the magnetic draw of his personality as though the years just melted away.

“Who’d have thought,” he said. His attention turned to Laughtry and he held out a hand. She watched as Laughtry took it in a firm grip, the men eyeing each other for long moments, and then he pulled Laughtry into a hug, fingers flexed against his broad back.

“I’ve missed you, man.” The words were raw, filled with some deep emotion.

Still hugging Laughtry, Ray turned his dark gaze on Mary and he reached out a hand. Something broke apart inside her as she accepted his hand and he drew her into the huddle of three. She gripped his back, but still managed to hang onto Laughtry as well.

Ray tilted her head and his hard lips claimed hers, tongue thrusting deep and claiming the past as though there had never been a separation of years intervening. He lifted his head and turned to Laughtry, kissing him with the same deep probe that Mary had just experienced with him.

“I’ve missed you both. I know you probably won’t believe that, but it’s true.”

He took a deep shuddering breath and then released them, stepping back to look at both of them. “I’ve a feeling there’s a story here. I can’t believe it. The two of you. Here. You can’t imagine how many times I’ve fantasized about this.”


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Excerpt from Joe Gallant



Joe Gallant, playboy race car driver, a man headed down the path of self-destruction. Roberto Morgan, suave up and coming young Dallas attorney, on the fast track to prominence and success. Secrets, lies, and a combustible attraction. Two men bound by the secrets of the past class and burn beneath the hot Texas skies. Will the past secrets of the fathers destroy their sons’ chance at happiness in the present? The fathers may have gotten it wrong; can the sons get it right without losing the one chance either man has for finding lasting happiness and love?



Inside the rough, weather-beaten wood structure, the music decibel hit eardrum splitting levels. Peanut shells litter the old rough wood-planked floors. Several of his acquaintances made room for the three men at their table. Here, Joe didn’t have to pay, but the drinks kept on coming. Tight-jeaned, big-breasted women with tiny waists kept both him and Dev on the dance floor. Joe noticed Rob politely refused, and the only drink he ordered appeared to be mineral water with a twist of lemon.

It wasn’t until quite a bit later that things seemed to quiet down and he found himself sitting next to Rob, everyone else out on the dance floor. He downed another draft, parched and sweating after the last two-step with the blond now draped against a cowboy at the end of the bar.“You’re not drinking,” Joe pointed out as he set down his empty glass and wiped the back of his hand across his mouth.

A sexy waitress placed another in front of him. His leg rubbed against Rob’s and even as drunk as he was, he started to feel horny. He glanced at Rob—dark-haired, tawny-skinned, remote, untouchable Rob Morgan—and felt the urge to kiss him, but not inside the crowded roadhouse. Somewhere quiet, where he could take his time exploring that sweet mouth of his.

Joe studied Rob, and this close, he could see the color of his eyes. They weren’t brown, like he expected. Definitely blue. Cobalt with flashes of gold framed by long, black eyelashes. Certainly not ordinary. But then nothing about him was ordinary. Not the red in his hair, not the blue eyes, not one thing about him that did not make Joe’s temperature rise. Then his gaze fastened onto his mouth…sculptured lips, wet from the drink he’d just finished.

“You have a lover back in Dallas?” Joe couldn’t help asking, never taking his eyes off Rob’s tasty-looking mouth. The man seemed nervous; his tongue flicked out. Joe’s glance moved upward.

Rob’s eyes widened in surprise. Obviously, the question had taken him by surprise.
“No. I haven’t had time for relationships of that nature.”
“Too busy trying to make your mark, hmm?” He was definitely a man on the rise. He sure had the looks to get him there. And with Aaron backing him, likely it wouldn’t take long.

“I guess you might say that.” Joe watched him take another sip from his glass. He licked his lips. Now Joe’s whole focus was on getting a taste of him. What would Harper Morgan’s son do if Joe just leaned over and claimed a big ole kiss? Would Rob yield the way Harper had yielded all those years ago to Aaron? What would Rob do if Joe kissed him? Right here in the middle of the Texas roadhouse. That sure would start folks’ tongues a-wagging, now wouldn’t it?

Suddenly, Joe felt like he was suffocating, and his head began to spin. “Gotta go,” he slurred as he unsteadily got up from the table. He needed fresh air. It seemed like forever before he found the exit door and burst outside into the cooling desert night. He took several deep gulps of fresh air. He stumbled and someone caught him before he toppled over and made more of a fool of himself than he already had.

“I’ve got you,” Rob said. “I think maybe it’s time to head back to the house.”

Joe nodded and simply held on as Rob dragged him toward the Jaguar. He propped him up and started to open the door.

Joe stopped him. Rob glanced back.

“If you had a lover, would it be a man or a woman?” This far out in the parking lot, there was no one else around. No one but the crickets, the frogs, and the moon up above.
Something flickered in Rob’s eyes. Joe cupped his face. “Man or woman?” he murmured just before he leaned in and stole that kiss he just had to have.

Rob didn’t pull away. In fact, he leaned forward and Joe deepened the kiss. He thrust his tongue between Rob’s lips. He twisted and it was Rob who backed up against the car. Joe was so hungry—ravenous because he tasted so good and Joe just had to have more.

“Joe! Where the hell are you?”

This time Dev was the man doing the interrupting.

It was Rob who moved first, the parking lot light caught and glanced off his watch. That’s all it took for Joe to regain his senses. What the hell was he just doing kissing Rob Morgan? Harper’s son? Fuck. He was quite obviously too damned drunk.

Rob called to Dev. Joe slipped into the backseat of the car and leaned his head against the back of the front seat. How many more regrets did a man get in his life? How many more stupid moves was he going to make?

Dev slipped into the passenger seat, then Rob got behind the wheel. Joe didn’t look up. It was Dev who kept up the conversation, lulling Joe into a stupor. It was nightmares of the night back in Dallas when he’d had his accident that jolted him awake. But he wasn’t in the Jaguar, he was in the ranch house, in his bed. His head pounded and he felt like shit. Morning sunlight was streaming in through the window. And he was naked. What the hell had happened? And how had he missed it? Who exactly had put him to bed?
Shit! What had he done now?

Dev strolled into his room carrying a Bloody Mary. “About time you woke up.”

“What time is it?” Joe mumbled as he rolled out of bed with the beige sheet wrapped around his hips. He took the drink and downed in. His mouth felt like crap, too. He peered up at Dev. “Did you put me to bed?”

Dev looked sheepish. “Can’t say I was in much better condition than you. Nope, wasn’t me. That would be Rob.”

Joe dropped back onto the bed, an arm slung over his eyes. Could it get much worse?


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The contracts may be signed, but the negotiations are far from finished…
Miles Xavier is a master at acquisitions, and Vanity Owens is an attorney more than fond of a good and healthy battle of wits. Business and pleasure are about to collide. The contracts turning over control of the Eidolon Arms Hotel to Xavier Industries are signed in the boardroom, but it’s not in the boardroom that the sparks really fly. For Vanity, that’s merely foreplay before cinching the real deal.
When negotiations are adjourned to the penthouse apartment at the newly acquired exclusive hotel, things really explode. After months of intense bargaining, Vanity is more than primed to finally have Miles in her bed for one night of phenomenal sex. Miles is a hands-on sort of man, and Vanity may be in for a surprise because this lover is about to turn the tables on her. This is one sinful obsession that may have Vanity in an unexpected, yet satisfying position…

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Newblood Initiate (Midnight Pearl Brotherhood, Ep. 1)

MidnightPearl_NewbloodIntiate_Ep1(#MMM #Submission #fantasy #erotica)

The ancient myths of the Brotherhood of the Midnight Pearl tell of an island formed from the depths of the ocean, in the midst of a sea of mystical, sapphire beauty. It is an island paradise built on love and devotion to a common belief, a society made up entirely of handsome and desirable men. And Alonzo Smith is on a journey to discover his place among them.
Here begins the path to Alonzo’s destiny. He enters this world as a newblood, a young man who will give his all in service to someone special. But just as Goldilocks sought the right bowl, the right chair, the perfect bed, so Alonzo is in search of the right master. And perhaps the right collar to embrace his neck.
Thus, upon arrival on the island, Alonzo’s sensual journey begins with service to Squire, and his introduction to the hierarchies, laws and boundaries of the Mannos Society of Men…

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An Excerpt from Immortal Treasure

Immortality demands a high price…

Khafeelamtek, First Vizier and Caretaker of the Secrets of the King, has been awoken one last time by the sun god, Ra, to perform an important task. His reward for successful completion will be peace in the afterlife–something he has coveted for


millennia. But he did not count on becoming so quickly, and deeply, attracted to the lovely Dr. Cassandra Linsey, an Egyptologist and Linguist, who also happens to be the person selected by the gods as the caretaker of the secrets he must share.

Khafeel has five days in which to gain Dr. Linsey’s trust and reveal the existence of the mythical province of Niveka. Complicating things and adding a particularly irritating thorn in his side is the appearance of the beautiful, spoiled Sahrametatiri, twin sister and royal wife to the king, who has been awoken by Bast, to assure that Khafeel succeeds in his mission.

What should have been a simple chore of revealing proof of the existence of Niveka and thereby obtaining immortality for their ancient, doomed city, and achieving the long-sought peace in the afterlife for himself, has culminated in the painful realization that the most rare and precious treasure he has ever known must be abandoned…and there is nothing he could do to change their destinies. Or is there?



Had his mind left his body somewhere over the last centuries? This woman attracted him like no other of his own time. Why that was, he had no idea, except that he’d been without a woman for far too long.

Khafeel reminded himself that he needed to gain her trust. That’s all this was about. To learn more about her and make her comfortable with his presence.

Could he deceive himself that way? He studied her as he handed her the glass of chilled red wine and sat next to her at the table in the darkened corner of the smoky bar. He breathed in her scent, so different from the women of his time. Their scent had been dense and musky, meant to sexually arouse, and hers was clean and simple, reminiscent of sunshine and summer wind.

She didn’t wear the heavy cosmetics that were so popular with the women of his city. Yet, the small sandy freckles that covered her face and arms were very seductive, and he was consumed by the urgent desire to taste each one.

He sipped at his wine. He knew why Zyphir had chosen her. Isadora’s hair had been the color of mulled wine, dense and lush. He was certain the red hair had drawn his attention first. But unlike Isadora, this woman’s hair, though also red, was the color of an autumn sunset, vibrant and fiery, with sparkling energy.

“What is your name?” he asked her. Even though he already knew it. It might make her wary if she thought he had prior information about her.

He caught a movement from the corner of his eye and turned his head to look up at a narrow shelf over the bar. Should he be surprised? He saw the shadow of a feline curled and watching, almond-shaped topaz eyes glittering in the half-light.

What was Sahra doing here? What did she expect to see? Didn’t she have enough to occupy her without spying on him? His gaze locked with hers, silently commanding her to disappear.

Slowly, the speckled cat uncurled, rose to its feet and stretched, then delicately leapt from the platform onto the end of the bar. As Kahfeel watched, it daintily stepped onto a barstool and then leapt to the floor, sauntering through the doorway as though she had every right to be there.

“Did you see that cat? I didn’t know they allowed animals in here.” Kahfeel turned his attention away from the cursed animal.

“I wouldn’t worry about it. It was probably a stray that wandered in through the front door. I’m sure someone will whisk it back outside.”

“Oh, I wasn’t worried, just surprised. It was actually quite a beautiful cat. I’ve never seen one before with that unusual speckled coloring.”

Sahra was unusual all right. And a pest.

Kahfeel leaned forward. “Your name, bright one?”

A blush of delightful color stole into her cheeks. “Cassie. Well, really it’s Cassandra, but everyone calls me Cassie.”

“Cassandra. It is a beautiful name, for a beautiful woman.” He tipped her head so he could look into her eyes. Bright emerald orbs glittered in the light, and reminded him of the lush ferns and palm trees of a desert oasis. “Do you know what I would like to do to you right now, Cassandra?”

She wore no lipstick, yet her bare, rosy lips tempted him to taste her. To him, she needed no enhancements—she was perfect as she was.

“N-no,” she whispered. “What do you want to do?”

This was not how it was supposed to go, but he couldn’t help himself. As he watched, her lips trembled and parted, her tongue darted out to trace a glistening path along her lower lip. It was too much to resist. He lowered his head and claimed her sweet taste, delved with his tongue into her hidden moist depths.

Ah, what sweet, passionate ambrosia.

He pulled her closer to him, felt her soft curves crushed against him as he lingered to sip leisurely at her seductive mouth, tasting succulent woman and fragrant wine.

He felt her hands inch upward along his back. His cock hardened against his leg, thickened with the desire to sink inside her moist, slippery channel. He’d never been so tempted by a woman, but this one was like no other he had known.

When they separated, the look she offered him was heavy with passion and, curse the gods, he knew he must have her.

“You have a room here, Cassandra?”



Joe Gallant – .99 TODAY

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Joe Gallant by Adrianna Dane

JoeGallant_med(#eroticromance, #MM, #contemporary)
Joe Gallant, playboy racecar driver, a man headed down the path of self-destruction. If there was one man Joe despised, it was Harper Morgan, his billionaire father Aaron’s best friend–and secret lover. Even though Harper’s dead, Joe still can’t forgive all the secrets and lies that destroyed his family. Now, years later, when Roberto Morgan, Harper’s stepson, shows up in Laredo, hired by Aaron to represent Joe in several endorsement contracts and to keep him out of trouble and out of the tabloids, Joe is not a happy man. Unfortunately, after Joe’s last headline-making car accident, he doesn’t have a choice.
Roberto Morgan, suave up-and-coming Dallas attorney, on the fast track to prominence and success. Rob isn’t pleased about being sent to south Texas to babysit Aaron Gallant’s roguish son, a man he’s never met in person. But Rob’s no fool—Aaron, his stepfather’s best friend, possesses many important connections potentially beneficial to Rob’s career. Aaron is the only other man Rob reveres as much as he did his stepfather. There seems no choice but to accept Joe Gallant as his newest client.
Secrets, lies, and a combustible attraction. Rob is determined to keep things on a professional footing. But the moment he meets Joe, he realizes keeping his distance is easier said than done. Sparks fly and an undeniable attraction ignites between the two men, until a shocking revelation turns blistering tensions on their head and alters everything Rob thought he knew.
Can Joe find forgiveness in order to see the man who just may be his savior in a different light? The fathers may have gotten it wrong, but can the sons get it right without losing their one chance at discovering happiness and love?

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