If You Dare… – Excerpt


ifyoudare_smShe was bored with her life and sought something more in her relationships. But in the small town of Gideon it was unlikely she’d find it. Barring that, first she had to know what she was looking for. Until the arrival of a hand-delivered invitation to a costume party—an invitation that would change her life. Beneath a full moon on All Hallow’s Eve, he seduced her. Bewitched her. Dominated her. Without uttering a word, he unveiled her deepest desires and darkest needs. He offered her a chance to fulfill her hidden longings—if she dared… It was only the beginning… A moonlit tale of seduction and desire; dominance and submission.



…Bringing an elegant index finger to her lips, she understood he wanted no conversation. He nodded once. She lowered her head negligibly, indicating she understood. Without thought, she then opened her mouth and sucked the tip inside, between her lips. What she wouldn’t give to replace it with his hard shaft.

She circled her tongue over the pad, teased the hard surface of his nail, wanted it to be the head of his penis. Wanted to circle her tongue along the soft velvety ridge of its head, taste the essence of his pleasure. Waves of lust consumed her at the thought; her pussy clenched on emptiness.

He cupped her jaw with his other hand, caressing, allowing her to suck and tease his finger, drawing it more fully into her mouth. Then slowly he removed it, stroking the side of her face. She sensed his approval and felt pleasure lure her to want more.

He turned her away from him and toward the pond. The civilized world fell away—simply didn’t exist.

He sifted his fingers through her hair, then stroked through it, down along the curve of her back. His touch wooed her and she closed her eyes, concentrating on his hands, his touch, and the cool embrace of the night.

She attempted to turn towards him, wanting to touch him, but firmly he returned her to face the fog-enshrouded pond. Ghostly white fingers seemed to reach out, dancing just above the surface of the silent, rippling water. The soft sweeping waves stroked against the shore, a quiet music to the night, as his hands waltzed slowly along her arms from shoulder to fingertips. She trembled at the heat that sliced through her veins.

She felt his hand at the buttons at the back of her caftan. Felt each one give way. When the last had been undone, slowly he drew the two sides apart and she felt the cool night air against her skin. She should have stopped him. After all, she didn’t know him. As far as she knew she’d never met him before. He was an enticing stranger.

But the titillating excitement of the unknown stopped her. She wouldn’t get a second chance to go back and reclaim lost moments and she wanted to experience this one. She would have no regrets about missed opportunities.

As the gold dress slid from her arms and fell to the ground at her feet, it seemed her own remaining inhibitions followed—and she did not look back. She felt the chill night air feather across her skin. He lifted first one foot and then the other, removing the dress and placing it to the side—soft sound bites of movement.




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