Captivity, Releasing September 10th

Kalamadur was a peaceful and well run compound. Serratin was a collector of unique possessions just like Orion–one of a kind. Orion’s lord was an ageless man, with a full head of thick, white hair that he wore in a long braid down his back, smoldering green and gold eyes that glittered like living jewels, and skin the color of a moonless midnight. He was tall and well built, muscular and strong, with a sharp intellect. He never raised his voice, never needed to. He was respected by everyone who served him.


Captivity by Adrianna Dane

Releasing September 10th. Available on

Captive to the charisma of a powerful, sensual master – and slave to his own unquenchable desire. The winged man, once known simply as sthe wild thing, was free to roam the jungles outside Bendar City. Until he was betrayed, captured, and sold to a powerful lord who covets the birdman’s unique beauty for himself. Lord Adolpho Serratin of the Kalamadur Oasis maintains an unusual collection. Orion Birdwalker soon becomes the most precious of Serratin’s possessions, in more ways than one. The wild thing is soon named, tamed, and trained to serve his new master in all ways…

Read an excerpt:
#MM #master/slave #futuristic #fantasy #eroticromance #gay #BDSM

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