Snow, Reading, and Holidays

Looking out my window and seeing some snow again. Not a particularly usual thing here in Washington State, but I do enjoy holiday snow. And it doesn’t last too long here. In a flurry of activity this month and the year-end is fast approaching. Wow, 2016 did go quickly. Been doing the revamp of goals for 2017. A lot of changes this past year, but new things are opening up. I’m excited about the coming year. And we even have some snow, and not rain, for a bit this holiday.ad_homechristmas_coversm

Have a couple of books out that center around the holidays. Both are gay erotic romances published by Loose Id. “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and “The Messenger.” “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” is about a couple of contemporary cowboys reunited at the holidays. and “The Messenger” has a  a bit of mystery attached to the holidays.

So, in the mood for a bit of holiday reading? These two stories might just be  the thing. 🙂

The Messenger by Adrianna Dane, #gayromance #eroticromance #contemporary.
…The Messenger took me by surprise. … Adrianna Dane did a great job with the suspense and intrigue of The Messenger as well as creating wonderful characters. –
Dillon Lloyd has had the hots for his attractive neighbor, Vance Keith, for quite some time. He’s spent many nights in voyeuristic pleasure while the gorgeous man next door has sex with his current male lover in varied and delicious ways. Even so, Dillon has never entertained the idea of actually asking Vance out on a date. For one thing, Vance is a client of Dillon’s delivery business. And business and pleasure should never mix.
All that changes when a package–a gift that Vance had sent to his most recent lover–turns up undeliverable. Dillon takes a chance and decides to return the package to Vance himself in hopes that maybe a miracle of the season will happen for him.
When Vance and Dillon meet in person the sparks ignite. And when Vance invites Dillon into his apartment on this icy winter night, though the weather outside is frightful, the heat between them is more than delightful. Their blistering passion sets a torch to the holiday festivities offering a bounty of unexpected gifts.
But things in Vance’s past jealously battle for his future happiness and won’t stop at murder to win.

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