Home For Christmas – Excerpt

Home For Christmas

homeforchristmascoverDestrie Two Rivers and Benedict Webster–an orphaned half-Indian and a wealthy rancher’s son. Men who were boyhood best friends, turned secret lovers when they were eighteen. And then one nightmarish night they were discovered and Destrie almost died as a result.

Now, eight years later, just before Christmas, Destrie, an Army sniper, returns to Wyoming on leave to attend the funeral of his foster father. Both men have changed and the distance between them seems wider than the Continental Divide with no way to breach the chasm. But just as the creek where they first made love runs powerful and constant, Destrie and Benedict’s passion for each other still burns undeniably deep

and everlasting.

Re-igniting their unquenchable desire could prove fatal. Until the heavy guilt and shocking secrets of the past are revealed, neither of these two men can truly come home for Christmas.


“How’s Laine holding up?” Benedict asked.

“It’s not easy for her, but I think she’ll be okay. They were married for fifty years, and she always said Ray was her best friend. You’ll look in on her?”

“Of course.” Benedict’s voice sounded rough. The white peaks in the water surged; Ray’s ashes had disappeared.

Destrie looked down and noted Benedict’s hands as his fingers curled around the brim of his hat. Destrie could feel his tension, saw it as he flexed his fingers, rubbing over the rim.

A working man’s hands, rough and calloused. Reddened by the winter, his hands were littered with tiny cuts. Destrie dropped the urn and spun to Benedict. He cupped Benedict’s roughened jaw, leaned forward, and kissed him.

Benedict’s hands clutched at Destrie’s leather jacket, dragging him forward. Destrie tasted the bitterness of farewell, and he couldn’t let go. He couldn’t be the one to walk away—not this time.

Tongues clashed, mouths hungered as they held on to each other, knowing this could very well be the last time they would ever see each other.

Benedict yanked free and stumbled back. Just as he’d done in the alley, he bent over to pick up his hat. And soon it would only be the memory that remained.

Suddenly, Destrie reached out and grabbed a shank of Benedict’s pale blond hair. He yanked up. Benedict yelled as he was brought up swift and hard by Destrie’s grip. Destrie saw his gaze widen. Throwing his body against Benedict’s, he shoved him back against the immovable, wide, ancient tree.

He held his lover there, hand wound tightly into his thick hair. Benedict stared into his eyes. Destrie saw the range of emotions as they crashed through him, the color of Benedict’s eyes changing so rapidly. Sky blue deepening to storm gray. Pinpoints of black that dilated as he began to yield to the savageness that overtook Destrie. Finally understanding. He knew what Destrie wanted without his saying a word.

Destrie yanked back, practically pinning Benedict against the rough bark, shoving his coat down over his shoulders. Benedict’s thick coat dropped to the ground. His hands reached for his belt, and he quickly unbuckled and unzipped his jeans, then shoved them and his underwear down over his hips. Legs spread, balancing himself in the slippery snow; the lowered clothing hung just below his ass.

Destrie released his hair and spun him around. He kicked Benedict’s legs as wide as they would go. Reaching down, he grabbed a handful of snow and held it in his warm palm until droplets trickled between his fingers.

He couldn’t wait. He and Benedict were almost the same height. He used the snow to lubricate Benedict’s hole. He heard Benedict gasp when the icy water was pressed into the passage of his hot anus. He shoved back when Destrie’s fingers speared inward, then quickly out. More snow and Benedict’s ass colored from pale ivory to ruddy rose.

Suddenly Benedict whirled around. He shoved Destrie back full force. Destrie stumbled and landed in the snow. He didn’t feel it; his full attention was the man towering over him, a look of steely determination on his face.

“Did you think I was going to make it easy for you?” Benedict said.

He dragged Destrie up by the lapels of his jacket. Spinning around, he slammed him back against the tree and possessed his mouth, thrusting his tongue deeply between Destrie’s lips.

Destrie was so taken aback by the dominant act, at first he didn’t respond. Benedict’s hands were at his waist, ripping the tails of his shirt from inside his pants, reaching for the opening, unzipping them, and then he shoved them down. His mouth ravaged across Destrie’s lips, over his lean, darkened jaw, back to his mouth, down to his throat. He sucked his way downward to the opened collar.

Anger and frustration warred with passion and lust right there next to the creek bank. The cold, frigid winter was no match for the hungry, blazing furnace of their need.
Benedict lifted his head and looked into Destrie’s black eyes. “Now, you have me.”
Destrie didn’t wait to even catch a breath. With little effort, he shoved Benedict back against the tree. He was hard, so fucking hard. He positioned the head of his cock at Benedict’s opening.

“You’ll feel this, lover. You’ll feel it, and you’ll never forget it.” He surged forward, burying his thick prick inside Benedict’s rectum. Benedict grunted as Destrie’s cock tunneled deep inside him.


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An Excerpt from Smooth Finish



(#MF, contemporary, #eroticromance #secondchance)

Cody Marx had dated Jared Creed for a short time back in high school and she’d never forgotten him. But when Jared’s stepfather died and his half-brother, Kenny, got into trouble, they drifted apart. Years later they both are now professional subcontractors working on the same remodeling project–the old MacKenzie Homestead just outside Esmerelda, Massachsuetts.

Cody and Jared have both changed and matured since those teen-age years, but will the innocent spark of passion ignited long ago burst into the blazing flame of revitalized desire?


Two emotions warred inside Cody at the sound of Jared’s voice. Relief and acute embarrassment at him finding her in such a precarious situation.

The intrusion at least had the desired effect on Drew because he dropped his hands as though he’d been touching hot coals and stepped back. She let out a relieved sigh.

“Hello, Jared, how are things going?”

Cody noticed that Jared had a cloth in one hand and was wiping a sharp-edged tool he held in the other. His gaze locked with Cody’s and she couldn’t break the contact.

“Everything’s moving along pretty well. I don’t see any problem in getting the job done on schedule.”

Jared raised his gaze to meet Drew’s, and Cody saw his expression change to a fierce, granite-hard look. Although his stance appeared non-threatening, the look in his eyes was not. Surprisingly, Drew grew flustered.

“Yes, well, I better be going. I just stopped in to see if you needed anything or had encountered any problems.”

“Nothing here. How about you, Cody?”

“No, everything’s under control. No problem.”

Drew turned and walked toward the door. He paused and looked back at Cody. “What time do you want me to pick you up tonight?”

The sonofabitch! How dare he assume he could blackmail her because of her father.

“Now listen—”

“I’m afraid she’s already committed tonight, Evans,” Jared inserted smoothly. “She’s already agreed to go out with me.”

Cody tried to hide the surprise and shock she felt at his words. What date?

Drew looked first at Jared and then at Cody. “Is that so? Well, isn’t that an interesting development. I expect you both to keep your minds on the job and finish up on time.” He turned to face Cody. “We’ll talk later.” Then he slammed out of the house without another word.

Cody couldn’t quite find her voice. She heard Drew’s truck spin out as he drove away. She had a feeling their confrontation wouldn’t be the last. Clearing her throat, she turned to look up at Jared. “I’m sorry you had to witness that little scene.”

She walked to the entrance of the sitting room, clenching and unclenching her hands. This was a really awkward situation.

“I’m glad I walked in when I did. Does he make a habit of trying those kinds of strong-arm tactics often?”

She shrugged. “He thinks he’s God’s gift. I can handle him.” She couldn’t look at Jared. He’d just seen her at her worst, and she hated that it had happened. That Drew had put her in that position and thought he had a right to do it.

She heard Jared’s steps behind her and then his hands were on her shoulders as he turned her to face him. His hand cupped her chin and gently forced her to look at him. “I know you can handle him. The point is, you shouldn’t have to.”

Her body responded to his nearness, and she felt a fierce heat build inside. Her fingers itched to touch him, to feel his skin beneath her fingers in some very unprofessional ways, and she tried not to think about it.

“Thanks for stepping in, anyway.” She felt tongue-tied, at a loss for words. “It was sweet of you to try to defuse the situation.”

“You will go out with me tonight, right? I hadn’t meant to ask you in quite that way, but now that it’s out there—”

She licked her lips. “You don’t have to do that.”

“I know that. I want to take you out. Cody, we’ve lost a lot of time. There were reasons, but I really want to try again.”

She had to be hearing things. Or dreaming. Jared wanted to take her out? She was finally going to get the chance she’d been fantasizing about?

“Are you sure, Jared? I don’t want a pity date. You aren’t obligated, you know?”

Without warning, he leaned down and slanted his hard lips over hers, driving his tongue deep inside her mouth. There was nothing she could do but surrender. Nor did she want to do other than that. Tingles of desire raced through her, down through her body, not stopping until they curled her toes inside the steel-toed work boots she wore.

The world spun, and she reached up to wrap her arms around his neck, holding on for dear life, pressing herself close. His scent wrapped around her; she tasted him and wanted more. He lifted her, notching himself between her legs, and she curled one of her legs around his long hard frame, holding on for dear life as they tasted each other for long breathless minutes.

She felt his hard cock pressed perfectly against her center, felt liquid gush from her pussy, drenching her panties, as her insides spasmed with the need to know him in ways that had been thwarted long ago.

Finally, he pulled away and gazed down at her. His eyes were no longer hard granite but molten lava—intense and passionate, a hot, searing look. “Does that feel like I want a pity date?”

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The Boy Next Door – EXCERPT

Side by side, heart touching heart, until the day he left without a word. After fifteen years, he’s come back to the street, to the memories of the girl he loved passionately, and the terrible secrets of the house he hated. There was only one place he’d held heaven in his arms. She had been the angel who shielded him from his living hell and the tree house their safe haven. The tree house still stood, but would her love have survived his abandonment after all these years, even if he’d had no other choice?


“May I come in, Jo?”
A spasm of pain clutched at her. If she let him in she would never get rid of his presence in this house. She would always feel him, and it scared her because she had thought, for just a moment, when she considered tearing down the tree house, that she might be free of his memory once and for all.
And then he showed up at her door, as though someone, somewhere didn’t want her to forget. Why her? Didn’t she have a right to find some peace in her life? Someone to share her life with? Who wanted her as he hadn’t? Why dredge up the past? Now?
But something had her pushing the screen door open and moving back from the doorway as he stepped inside. She closed the door and led him down the hallway and into the front room.
“Please, sit down. Would you like some coffee?” Such a polite enquiry. It dropped into the uneasy years of silence between them. A dark chasm of time that had stretched year after year, always leaving her standing at the edge of an emptiness she couldn’t run fast enough to escape.
He unzipped his jacket and sat down. The dark jeans molded tightly over his muscular thighs. “Coffee would be nice.” She watched as he surveyed the room. “It’s the way I remember it.”
She nodded and swiftly left the room, hurrying into the kitchen. With one hand she clutched at her fluttery, spasming stomach as she gripped the edge of the Formica counter with the other.
His scent clung to her, the powerful male scent she remembered. It infused and permeated her skin, sinking deep inside her. The ache of longing reduced her to a mass of quivering nerves.
Taking long, deep breaths, she attempted to steady herself. She couldn’t allow him to see what his presence in this house was doing to her.
She reached under the cupboard and pulled out a tray. Luckily, she’d just made a pot of coffee. She grabbed the blue and white ceramic sugar bowl and cream pitcher setting next to the coffee pot, then pulled out a couple of spoons from a drawer. Opening the cupboard door next to the sink, she pulled down two matching cups and saucers and placed them on the tray. She had to use both hands to pour the coffee without splashing it all over the tray.
Another spasm of pain gripped her as she looked at the coffee cups. There had been a time when she’d known everything about his likes and dislikes. Tears rose to her eyes. When did he start drinking coffee? Did he use cream and sugar? Or did he drink it black? Did he have a wife or a lover who knew the mature man in the other room as she had once known the boy?
Her hands shook as she tried to pick up the tray and she had to set it back down. She looked out the window, and her focus caught the tree house in the distance.
She wanted to run as far and fast as she could. She didn’t want to be faced with the polite conversation of two strangers who no longer knew each other.
More deep breaths.
“Can I take that for you?”
If she hadn’t been leaning against the counter, she probably would have fallen to the blue tile floor when her knees gave out at the sound of the voice close behind her.
She released the tray and shifted to the side, but couldn’t get the courage up to turn to face him. Not just yet.
BoyNextDoor_sm    “Yes, thank you. You can put in on the coffee table. I’ll be right in.” Her voice didn’t hold the cool firmness she would have liked. It was husky and tight, quivering with suppressed tears. She didn’t know if she could go through with this. She should just tell him to leave.
His arm brushed against hers as he reached for the tray. She couldn’t help but glance at his hands as they gripped the curved edges. Bronzed with short dark hairs, long fingers curled to lift the tray.
Hands—she remembered his hands—remembered the taste of them. Heady need swirled inside her. The sunny late summer day they’d gone to pick wild blackberries. They’d brought the pail back to the tree house and shared the succulent berries, feeding each other as they talked about the future they planned to share.
As she straddled across his lap, she’d licked the sweet juice from each of his fingers, sucking them into her mouth, swiping her tongue across the palm. His groan of frustrated desire had filled the small room, and the heat had begun to rise as the late summer sun reached a zenith in the sky.
She’d seen the bulge in his pants, and been filled with such feminine power in the knowledge that he wanted her.
But he hadn’t taken her. He’d pulled her closer and started suckling her fingers. He hadn’t touched her pussy that day, yet she’d come hard from the erotic stroking of his tongue, from the press of his groin against hers, and her desire to consummate their love.
Their passion for each other had been so very strong back then. How had it all gone so wrong?
He walked into the living room, and she turned away from the sight of the tree house and the memories associated with it, to follow him.
She watched as he picked up one of the cups and sat back down in the chair. No cream or sugar. She tucked the memory away.
Walking around the coffee table, she sat on the edge of the couch and picked up the other cup, adding a hint of cream and a spoonful of sugar. She stirred the coffee and finally looked across at him.
“Why are you here, Reed? After all this time?”


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