Saved for Inspired Thought

I have a page of quotes in my bullet journal. I use it to capture those quotes that inspire thoughtful consideration. One for my memory page.

In the largest sense we find only the world we look for.


It applies to life, it applies to writing and reading, it applies when I’m out with my camera photographing nature. My personal perception colors everything I see, from minute to large. As a creative, I don’t always see things the way others see them. It’s a quirk.

Backyard fairyland

Grounded in Words


Notebook after notebook, journal after journal…attest to this very true statement by Lord Byron. Get it down, get it out of my head. Some is gibberish, some becomes story, some clarifies thought. Somehow putting it down on paper, staring at the words, the phrases, the sentences, the paragraphs, gives movement, offering a sort of grounding. Coming back to those words days, months, years later, it may make sense, with distance. But in the end, it’s getting it out my head, memorializing it for later thought, mulling over it. And maybe even returning to it with fresh eyes will garner new insight. I do love the words….



Difficult to do sometimes because fear and uncertainty sometimes halts the pen (or keyboard). Be fearless and take the leap….

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